Dear Revitalize Clients,

It's been a great run, but after 9 years we will have to close our doors.  We're a family run small
business and private family circumstances have forced us to unexpectedly close Revitalize, so it is
with a heavy heart that I inform you we will close operations on August 28, 2015.

We do have good news though.  For those of you with outstanding appointments for servic es or gift
certificates some of our staff will be transferring to Gregg Chriopractic in Troy andall outstanding gift
certificates will be remain valid and will be honored for full value through their expiration date at his
office.  In addition to members of our staff moving over to his office, Dr. Gregg and his staff have
been servicing this community for many years and operates an outstanding practice that I am proud
to recommend to all of you.  

Even if you do not have an outstanding gift certificate to redeem, I urge you to give his office a try.  
Dr. Gregg is located at 215 E. Big Beaver Rd. Ste. 400 Troy, MI 48083. However, we will still
maintain a separate phone number from Dr. Gregg's office for all matters of Revitalize business.  
Revitalize clients will still use our current phone number of 248-530-4772
.  Additionally, all
prepaid facial and nail services may also be exchanged for an equal value in massage services at
Gregg Chriopractic.  

If redeeming your outstanding gift certificates at Gregg Chiropractic isn't available to you, then you
may instead elect to file a claim to be eligible to receive a cash refund in exchange for your
unredeemed gift certificate.   To assist and manage this claim process we created a proof of claim
form which can be downloaded by
clicking here.  We have retained Mike DiLaura & Associates,
, and their contact information is on the Proof Of Claim form. I have been advised that to proceed
in an orderly and legal fashion all Proof of Claim forms must be received by Mike DiLaura &
Associates, PC on
or before November 30, 2015.  Once all the claims have been filed and
reviewed we anticipate beginning disbursements in the first quarter of 2016.  Please do not hesitate
to contact his office for more information or to obtain an additional Proof of Claim.  

Thank you for your patronage.  We wish you health and relaxation for years to come.